Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to install Pam on my computer?

    No, Pam is a cloud-based solution. Log in through your browser to access all its features.

  • Will Pam work on my phone?

    Yes, Pam is responsive and works across all of your devices through your browser.

  • Do I need an internet connection?

    Yes, all project data is stored securely in the cloud, which means that all stakeholders can collaborate. Best of all, the data you see is always live!

  • Where is the information stored? How do I know it is safe?

    Your information is stored safely within the Amazon Web Services global infrastructure. To comply with data retention laws, we also store data within your geographic zone.

  • Does it work with CAD?

    Pam can render or process CAD files so everyone can collaborate online. Pam can even process geo-referenced CAD files to give all signage assets a real world position.

  • Does it work with BIM software such as Revit?

    Unfortunately, Pam does not currently integrate with Revit. However, we are working with experts in the field to provide a seamless integration between Pam and the world’s leading BIM software.

  • How do I audit/survey a site?

    You can use Pam’s intuitive Android tablet application, called Pam Audit. Capture information in the real world and synchronize it so it can be viewed by all project stakeholders.

  • Does Pam track sign quantities and costs?

    Pam tracks all your signage codes, quantities and locations. Upload one or more rate cards to track signage budgets and implementation and maintenance rates. Pam can even handle multiple rate cards for multiple vendors!

  • Will everyone see these costs?

    No, Pam assigns users with roles and permissions, and only reveals the budgets and costs related to their projects.

  • Does it work with multiple sites and vendors?

    Yes, Pam allows you to create multiple client sites and assign signage orders to various vendors. This allows you to handle projects of all scales.

  • Is it like other filemaker programs?

    No, Pam is a cloud-based platform built from the ground up to support you with the audit, planning, implementation and maintenance of signs.

  • What documentation does it output?

    You can output up-to-date, time-stamped PDFs of messaging schedules, location plans and location details. You can even output spreadsheets for messaging schedules and installation reports.

  • Does Pam do away with the need for spreadsheets?

    Pam does remove the need for you to constantly update your messaging schedules in a spreadsheet. Of course, we know that spreadsheets are not going away anytime soon, so Pam outputs organised spreadsheets for your records.

  • Does it work for a university campus?

    Absolutely! Pam was born to plan and implement signage for your campus. Universities are a complex environment, dense in signage, involving many stakeholders.  Over time, Pam has learnt about other industries and is now also able to handle Airports, Hospitals and corporate campuses.

  • Can I upload my own floorplans?

    Yes, upload your plans as raster, vector or a geo-referenced CAD file. You get out what you put in – low-res or scanned floor plans won’t look as impressive as carefully rendered plans, but you can always refine or update plans as the project progresses.